Only current year closed rings can be issued see below.
Closed rings are a security device put on when the chicks are in the nest and as they are always marked with the current year*, guarantee the age of the bird.
As closed rings are also used, on native species, as proof of captive breeding, they are made to high tolerances, with the current year, and normally with a size letter to indicate that correct size has been applied.

MARKINGS - the normal markings applied to closed rings are:-
Consecutive numbers; (initials if requested); current year(sideways); size letter
For example:-

1 to 10 ACH [16] G

Note: Markings shown within square brackets [ ] will be oriented at 90 degrees to the consecutive numbers.
CLOSED RINGS can be issued in:-
PLAIN (uncoloured) aluminium with the markings impressed but not highlighted with paint.
PLAIN (uncoloured) aluminium "Black Filled" with the markings impressed and highlighted with Black paint.


STAINLESS STEEL (uncoloured) with the markings impressed but not highlighted with paint.


ANODISED (coloured) aluminium with the markings impressed and highlighted with contrasting paint.
A different colour is issued each year, enabling the year of birth to be seen at a glance.

Our year colour for 2016 rings is Orange

Please note, however, that some specialist clubs and societies have a colour roster of their own which differs from ours.

We are currently following the C.O.M. (Confédération Ornithologique Mondiale) colour roster. C.O.M. rings are year colour coded, with a six year sequence:
2015 - Violet
2016 - Orange
2017 - Dark Blue
2018 - Red
2019 - Black
2020 - Light Green
From 2021 the cycle restarts with Violet etc.

(we hope that serious breeders will try to get this increased to a 7 to 8 year roster)

2016 Closed rings can be issued from 01-01-2016 to 31-12-2016, however, we can accept orders from private individuals (for bona fide clubs different dates apply) for 2016 rings from 01-10-2015 onwards but no 2016 rings will be issued to private individuals before 01-01-2016.

*We reserve the right to refuse to supply closed rings without the current year but if you believe that you have good reason for requiring closed rings without the current year mark please contact us to discuss your reasons, however, please be aware that, as the current year mark is a permanent feature in all our aluminium marking presses, we will make a charge for the time involved in stripping down a press to remove the year marking die for each size ordered.